Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleaning products have risen in popularity over the past decade. They’re here to stay, while chemical cleaning agents are on the way out.

Australia’s premier businesses are leading the way in sustainability practices by using cleaning supplies that are protective of the ecosystem. The trend has also grown sharply amongst consumers. Society is aware of the natural environments vulnerability to harsh chemical cleaning products from household cleaners to glass cleaner. People are becoming aware of the personal health benefits gained from using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Awareness has risen due to the realisation the toxins in chemical cleaners are having an adverse effect by increasing smog, reducing the quality of drinking water and raising the toxicity to animals. Nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia are present in bathroom cleaners, dishwasher soap and other chemical cleaning products. And they are dangerous water contaminants. This is an issue as chemical toilet cleaners are flushed down toilets and laundry detergents are rinsed down drains as families and businesses clean their properties.

It is true that some chemicals are successfully removed by water treatment plants before they enter the natural environment. However nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia are not. As they build up in waterways they change the growth of certain plant life, providing excessive nourishment for some native aquatic animals. Consequently, the resultant overabundance of some species, reduces the population of other species, leaving an unbalanced ecosystem. Furthermore, when those plants eventually die off, they deplete the oxygen available in the water causing further harm to plants and animals. Over a long period that water will become unsuitable for drinking, cooking and swimming.


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Based on our exclusive Bio-Technology, our products exercise the power of beneficial bacteria, plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial agents 

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Additionally, the volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in chemical house cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and floor cleaner also pollute the environment. The Environmental Protection Authority has recognised VOC’s contribution to smog. It is so severe in some areas that the VOC in chemical cleaners have been limited in certain regions. There is no doubt, to ensure a sustainable environment, the future of kitchen cleaning products and detergents will be entirely VOC free.

Safe, eco-friendly products that don’t interfere with the environment and don’t make people ill are in demand. Rightfully so. Certification is essential to both establish the quality of the product and ensure that it has no negative effect on the ecosystem. And they’re available to you now

Ecogreen ensures quality standards and environmental protection from our eco-friendly cleaning products. Quality is controlled from production, packaging and delivery earning ISO 9001 Accreditation. Further accreditation has been earned from the International Environment Management Standard ISO 14001, with Ecogreen demonstrating a significant beneficial environmental outcome.