Foot Sanitiser

Ecogreen Foot Sanitiser unique formulation contains a carefully selected blend of essential oils which contain powerful anti-microbial properties to effectively remove embarrassing foot odours.

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  • Spray and leave
  • Contains essential oils with anti microbial properties
  • Removes the source of the odour
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate Free
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly

Foot odours can be unpleasant and embarrassing, making you think twice before taking your shoes off in a public and confined environment. Ecogreen Foot Sanitiser with Odour Control is a simple, effective and economical way of removing embarrassing foot odours.

Ecogreen Foot Sanitiser unique and innovative formulation, contain a carefully selected blend of essential oils which hold powerful anti-microbial properties, effectively reducing foot odours from feet, socks and shoes. Ecogreen Foot Sanitiser tested and proven formulation is a fast way to improve your foot hygiene, quickly and easily without the need for expensive scrubs or lotions.

Safe for use around people, plants and pets, Ecogreen Foot Sanitiser is a clever and environmentally friendly odour eliminator providing a responsible approach to daily hygiene

Ecogreen Foot Sanitiser comprises of a unique formulation contain a carefully selected blend of essentials oils to naturally eliminate the source of the problem.

Spray on to shoes, socks and feet.

Spray directly onto feet, socks or into shoes and allow to dry

Special Instructions
DO NOT spray directly onto animals.
DO NOT mix with other chemical cleaning products.

For Best Results
Apply at the end of day, allowing the essential oils to neutralize and remove the odour source.

Clear Liquid with a Peppermint fragrance.

Shelf Life
Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 18 months

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