Carpet & Soft Furnishings Odour Eliminator – 500ml

Ecogreen Carpet Odour Eliminator is an effective natural odour neutraliser. Its unique formulation is designed to remove foul odours by breaking down the organic waste which imbeds itself in the folds of carpets, soft furnishings, fabric and upholstery.

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Foul odours from carpets, soft furnishings and carpets can often make life miserable for those in the vicinity. This is often caused by organic waste which is over time trapped within the fabric. Using toxic chemical cleaners often only creates a chemical fog for anyone in nearby and creates an unhygienic environment.  Natural odour absorbers eliminate odours without affecting the health of people using the space.

Ecogreen Carpet & Soft Furnishings Odour Eliminator is a natural odour eliminator and contains beneficial bacteria. The bacterium works by breaking down organic waste commonly found on carpets, furnishings and other fabric surfaces including upholstery. Since it is an environmentally friendly product with no toxic chemicals, it can be used on costly carpets and soft furnishings without damaging the fabric.

Odour control products are easy to use. Just spray and let the liquid settle on the target area. Beneficial bacteria will automatically start to work on removing odours from the fabric.

Being a mild, non-toxic and natural odour neutraliser, it is perfectly safe for pets and children. They can play on the carpet or fabric as soon as its dry without the worrying that it will adversely affect their health.

Ecogreen Carpet & Soft Furnishings Odour Eliminator has a unique formulation that utilises the beneficial effects of good bacteria to break down harmful organic waste into carbon dioxide and water. These bacteria are natural odour absorbers that produce various enzymes which do not have the capacity to reproduce or repair themselves. This limits their life span so you can be confident that they will not be hanging around on your fabric.

When Ecogreen Carpet & Soft Furnishings Odour Eliminator is applied on any carpet, furnishings or upholstery affected by organic waste it immediately starts to work.The friendly bacteria present in the natural odour neutraliser produce fresh enzymes that degrade the organic waste and remove the odour. The enzymes are powerful enough to treat even stubborn organic waste such as rotting food leftovers, urine and vomit.

The natural bacteria present in odour control products is environmentally safe and unlike regular chemical based cleaning solutions can be used on any surface in home or office. Simply spray and let the liquid rest while the enzyme breaks down the organic waste. 

Method of Usage

To be used on carpets, soft furnishings, upholstery and fabrics.

Directions for Usage

Remove any excess organic waste from the affected part with a paper towel and moisten the area. Spray the place with Ecogreen Carpet & Soft Furnishings Odour Eliminator, a natural odour neutraliser and let the liquid rest until dry. For stubborn odours, repeat application. Finally, wipe the area with a damp cloth and vacuum clean if necessary.    

Special Instructions

Do not dilute or mix our odour control products with any other chemicals. Keep raw mixture away from pets.

For Optimum results

Let the product dry out thoroughly. Only then will the bacteria be able to remove organic waste.


Clear liquid


The product must be stored away from heat and direct sunlight in a cool dry place. Use within 18 months of manufacture.

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500mL – Ea/1


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