Bin Odour Eliminator – 500ml

Use Evergreen Bin Odour Eliminator. Our odour control products ensure a clean, healthy and insect free environment. Specific strains of bacteria break down organic waste and are natural odour absorbers.

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Bin Odour Eliminator from Ecogreen is a natural odour eliminator, effective for removing foul smells from organic waste in rubbish bins or the surrounding areas. This results in a clean and fresh environment, as odours from these bins can be all pervading and make life difficult for residents.

Natural odour eliminators are easy to use and have a number of benefits:

  • Simply spray the area and let it rest
  • Environmental friendly, no toxic chemicals
  • Beneficial bacteria to break down organic waste
  • Natural odour neutraliser, reduces insect infestation
  • Biodegradable

How do odour control products work? The source of bad odour is generally organic waste and rotten food leftovers. When our Bin Odour Eliminator is applied, the beneficial bacteria it contains break down organic waste and digest it, thereby removing the odour.

With no harsh or toxic chemicals in natural odour absorbers, the place where it is applied and the environment is left fresh and hygienic.

Ecogreen Bin Odour Eliminator contains a unique formulation. Made from friendly bacteria, they are specifically selected to work on the source problems and act as natural odour absorbers. The bacteria are actually living organisms producing various enzymes. The enzymes then work to degrade different types of organic matter such as rotting food leftovers, urine and vomit.

The properties of these enzymes are extremely specific in nature. They are static and do not have the ability to reproduce or repair their setup. Hence their life span is rather limited. However, when friendly bacteria in odour control products begin to grow on the organic waste, they produce fresh enzymes on a continuing basis. 

When organic waste is treated with Ecogreen Bin Odour Eliminator, the bacteria breaks down the organic matter into harmless carbon dioxide and water, eliminating the foul odour.

Our natural odour eliminators are very versatile and can be used in a variety of settings or surface types usually associated with home or office.

Method of usage

To be used directly where odour is detected. Good for new or old waste.

Directions for usage

Liberally spray the product on the odour causing waste. When the bin has been emptied, spray the insides and leave to sit for ultimate odour reduction.

Special Instructions

Ecogreen Bin Odour Eliminator is a standalone product. Do not dilute and mix with other chemicals or odour control products.

For Optimum Results

Let the product dry naturally. It will help the bacteria to optimally eliminate organic waste.


A clear, light yellow liquid


Keep in a cool area away from direct heat and sunlight. Best before 18 months from date of manufacture

0.55 kg

500mL – Ea/1


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