This Case Study was conducted at a Transpacific green waste facility in Melbourne, Australia. The wastewater pond on site had very low dissolved oxygen levels which created a poor natural eco-system. Subsequently, the pond had high levels of solids and sludge, high ammonia content and also extensive odour issues to name a few. Ecogreen were able to put together a solution combining the installation of a low energy aeration system and the controlled dosing of a combination of Ecogreen products.

Download the case study to see all the details, and view the results.

pdf-bLow Energy Aeration & Bacterial Dosing
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New Zealand Dairy Farm

The case study above was conducted to test the efficacy of the Ecogreen BioTabs in an Industrial application. This particular dairy farm in New Zealand was facing pressure from the local authorities to comply with the required levels on a range of environmental aspects. They were also having to conduct costly sludge removal on a regular basis. Following the data analysis, Ecogreen determined a cost effective solution to the issues and began dosing a calculated amount of Ecogreen BioTabs. Download the Case Study to see all the details, and view the results.

pdf-bEcogreen BioTabs
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