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There is an increased awareness today, of the harmful effects of toxic and harsh chemicals in our environment. More and more people are taking remedial measures to ensure that our fragile ecosystem is protected and preserved for future generations by using wastewater treatment products.

One of the main sources of pollution is contaminating the ground water. We flush bathroom cleaners, dishwashing solutions and other general cleaning products into drains. These products contain harsh and toxic chemicals and can infect the whole drainage network. The chemicals can contain dangerous components like nitrogen, phosphorous and ammonia, which cannot be filtered even through water treatment plants.

Ecogreen is committed to saving the environment and offers a range of eco-friendly waste water treatment products. These include both domestic and commercial waste water treatment solutions that are very effective, designed to better the quality of waste water.

Our Bio Bags and Bio Tabs are simple to use. Simply drop them in the drainage network and allow them to settle. Each bag or tablet contains beneficial bacteria that eat into the organic waste, breaking it down into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water. This process reduces sludge and offensive odours. These work very well in wastewater treatment ponds, portable toilets, ornamental ponds, septic tanks and much more.

Our natural water cleaner Ecogreen Pond Starter Gold and Pond Maintainer Ultra work through the same efficient process and are very useful for breaking down waste in treatment ponds while eliminating odours.