Use natural odour removers from Ecogreen containing anti bacterial properties. Choose pet, bin, carpet or foot odour control products. Just spray and leave.

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Offensive smells from organic waste can make life extremely unpleasant for anyone nearby. However, using traditional odour control products contain harsh, toxic chemicals that hurt our fragile eco-system.

Ecogreen offers a range of natural odour absorbers that works just as effectively as conventional products while being green and gentle on the environment. Our natural products work through a relatively simple principle. The source of any bad smell is generally organic waste, rotten food leftovers or bacterial infection. When natural products applied to the source, beneficial bacteria begin to break down the organic waste. They absorb the entire mess, leaving behind only carbon dioxide and water. This also effectively removes the unpleasant smell along with the waste.

At Ecogreen, we know that one standardised product cannot take care of the huge variety of unique odour needs. So we have developed different solutions formulated for a variety of different scenarios according to the source type.

Ecogreen Bin products are specially formulated to remove foul scents from rubbish and trash bins while our carpet products break down even stubborn organic waste embedded in carpets. Our foot sanitisers contain special anti-microbial properties and essential oils that treat feet to remove unwanted smells. No more embarrassment when you take off your shoes and socks in a public place!

Similar to the bin odour control products, Ecogreen Pet Odour Control products are natural odour absorbers working the same way to remove the source of the problem. Specifically, this product helps break down organic waste created by pets, while still being safe and eco-friendly for pets and family.