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Ecogreen provides a unique range of commercially proven products which provide effective, economical and environmental solutions to a multitude of everyday hygiene issues.


Ecogreen Bathroom & Tile Cleaner is a simple, effective and economical way of eliminating odours, soap scum, calcium and lime scale build up found in and around the toilet, shower and bathroom.

With its unique and powerful formulation, Ecogreen Bathroom & Tile Cleaner is a completely safe biological product which is highly effective in removing tough stains from toilets, shower screens and bases, tiles, bathtubs, grout and sinks. Importantly, regular use of Ecogreen Bathroom & Tile Cleaner will prevent stains and build up from re-occuring.

Ecogreen Bathroom & Tile Cleaner prevents odours and expensive plumbing blockages by creating an invisible biofilm that adheres to the inside of the plumbing system.  This eliminates the possibility of waste buildup, odours and blockage problems.

ecogreen bathroom & tile cleaner

Product Benefits

  • Active Biological Product
  • Prevents build-up of dirt and lime scale
  • Prevents stains and odours
  • Helps maintain healthy plumbing system
  • Removes waste, grime and lime scale

Environmental Benefits:

  • Safe to use
  • No harsh chemicals or acids
  • Non-toxic & non-caustic
  • No damage to the environment
How does Ecogreen Bathroom & Tile Cleaner work?

Ecogreen Bathroom & Tile Cleaner contains specific strains of beneficial baceria which feed off the waste in and around the bathroom, toilet and shower, digesting them until they are depleted and the odour and any stains are removed.

This product also contains surfactants which assist the beneficial bacteria in adhering to the surfaces of the plumbing, enabling them to digest the waste and lime scale more efficiently. The beneficial bacteria work to degrade the waste and stains which cause foul odours and blockages.

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